Buying your first Motorcycle

Buying your first Motorcycle

Buying your First Motorcycle

You passed the MSF course or maybe youre jumping ahead and getting your motorcycle before the class. Either way its a big decision. Here are some things to consider when shopping for your first bike.

1. You just barely passed the course and your still really nervous about riding. You may also be on the smaller side under 5'4 and most motorcycles seem big to you. Suggestions Buy a smaller bike like the one you rode on in the safety course.

Suggestions include: Suzuki GSX250R Honda CB300R Yamaha V-Star 250 Honda Rebel 300 Harley Davidson Street 500

It all depends what style of bike you prefer Many first time riders start on smaller motorcycles so you should be able to pick up one of these used. Starting on a smaller motorcycle will help build your confidence and skills. Besides that, you'll spend less on it and insurance will also be less and if you drop it, it will be easier to pick up. Practice a lot and at a certain point you will know when you outgrow it, and you will be ready to move up to a bigger motorcycle.

2. The MSF class was a breeze. Riding came naturally. You know you can handle a bigger motorcycle than you rode in class.

Suggestions: Start with a motorcycle that is considered middleweight. Suzuki Boulevard M109R Harley Davidson Pan American Harley Davidson Street or Sportster Honda CBR 650 Kawasaki Ninja 650 Yamaha R7 Indian Scout

3. You grew up in the Motorcycle world and/or rode dirt bikes as a kid and had them in your life. Or maybe youre just badass and know you can handle whatever you get on. You've taken the class and are ready to hop on and roll. Then an 800cc and higher would be a good start.

Suggestions: Harley Davidson Street Bob or Softail Kawaski Vulcan 900 or above Yamaha V Star 1300 Honda CBR 1000 Honda Rebel 1100 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 Indian Chief

This article is just suggestions and of course you should buy what you are comfortable on. The suggestions listed are not the only Motorcycles offered in that category, they're just too many to list. Best bet is to take the safety class and go sit on a few different sizes and types of Motorcycles and get a feeling for what you want and what you would feel safe riding (or one you just fell in love with as soon as you sat on it). Whatever you decide just make sure to practice alot and be safe. Of course there will always be some that go straight to their dream bike, which is fine too, as long as you feel confident and safe when you ride...enjoy!

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